Friday, July 2, 2010

We are home in Portsmouth, RI

We arrived at our slip in Portsmouth about 4p.m. Sunday, June 27 after 41 hours. The trip was mostly uneventful, the shipping lanes were quiet during the night and the wind was light. We had some light from the moon through the clouds, so it wasn't pitch black. Sunday morning brought fog off Long Island which got thicker and stayed with us all the way to the Newport Bridge. Our friends on Rigamarole went into Block Island but we decided to continue on to our slip. Sunday was perhaps the worst day of our entire trip...the fog created almost zero visibility. We are now resting and fixing things on the boat. It is nice to be home to see friends after nine months. It is also nice to have the car, grocery shopping can now be done in an hour and I can buy more than I can carry in two small bags. We are going to take it easy for the month of July and then hopefully head up to Maine for August.

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  1. Sorry we missed you on your way up the coast. Glad you made it home. The multi-week heatwave finally broke here a few days ago and we even got some rain. From your earlier posts, I bet Packet is happy, too.